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Fietsflat monument

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The 'fietsflat' next to Amsterdam Central Station is a temporary bicycle parking since 2001. After 2004 it was supposed to be demolished, but this became 2009 and now probably 2023. There is time to make it into a monument before then!



bicyclists and visitors of Amsterdam



  • the 'fietsflat' in Amsterdam is build in 2001 as temporary bicycle parking for 2,500 bicycles

  • the 'fietsflat' is probably in use until 2023

  • every day tourists take pictures of the rows of bicycles as a souvenir of the popularity of the bicycle here and because the lines are visually attractive to frame

  • the fietsflat already won design prices

  • recent new bicycle parkings in Utrecht and Rotterdam hide bicycles underground, just like cars

  • the bicycle should be honoured and shown publicly with an open visible fietsflat


and request

make the fietsflat into a monument.

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Reinder Rustema 




Einde van de fietsflat komt dichterbij

"met de komst van de megaparkeergelegenheid, die in 2022 af moet zijn, verdwijnen op termijn ook de beroemde fietsflat en de intensief gebruikte rekken voor hotel Ibis." schrijft het Parool op 6 november 2020.